Scarborough Recommendations

The Cheese Iron is a fantastic specialty shop offering a wide variety of the finest cheese, wine, olive oils, fresh pasta, and more. You can watch their cheesemakers at work, and see and taste different cheeses in different stages of maturation. There is something for everyone in this culinary paradise.

Hop aboard the Nonesuch Oysters workboat and they will take you and your group of oyster lovers on a private oyster tasting tour of their farm! You’ll first visit the nursery where you can witness the baby oysters feasting away in the floating upweller. Next stop is the grow-out site, just up the river. Land-lovers not to worry; the tour is just a stone’s throw from shore! Each guest gets 6 complimentary oysters!

The Rising Tide restaurant is the place to go for great food and an even better view. Situated right on the ocean at the end of a scenic drive, many locals refer to this spot as the hidden gem of Scarborough. Everything is delicious, but we highly recommend the lobster roll or the seafood chowder.

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