Piano Moves

Piano moves are risky. Don’t try to DIY piano moving of your family’s 70 year old treasured instrument.

Piano’s are a valuable and cherished piece of furniture that requires white glove handling so that it doesn’t get damaged in a move.

Because of all the intricate pieces of the piano, expensive components – it requires special handling.

Personal injury risk in piano moving

It’s also risky to move something large without the proper tools. Dollies, special boards and other tools are needed because of the sheer weight.

Some piano’s can weigh 1000 pounds; even the small ones are a couple hundred – without proper tools, moving something so big, bulky and heavy could seriously hurt your back.


Our knowledgeable and trained staff know how to get this job done.

From spinets, consoles, studio to baby grands and grands; we have yet to meet a piano that we couldn’t move safely and efficiently.

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Let us use our specialized equipment and trained labor to move your piano to its new home.

Just need the piano moved from one part of the house to another, we can help with that too! Let us provide in-home moving help to save your back and the piano!

Need someone locally to tune it after the move?

We feel confident recommending Concert Piano Tuner, Matt Guggenheim to tune your client’s piano.