Working with Integrity Movers is as simple as 1-2-3.


Our Office Manager, Tasha Jackson, will take your information and work with you to find a date to schedule a FREE MOVING ESTIMATE. From the day you begin contact with us, she is available to answer any questions you have and will assist in coordinating in all the details of your move.

About Tasha

Tasha can be found in the office Mon-Fri from 7:30AM – 5PM to answer all of your questions. Her day is comprised of handling the administrative side of the business: scheduling appointments, payroll, billing, paperwork. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a move, give her a call or email her at

Review your estimate and book your moving date

Your estimator, Pat Turner, will come to your origin location (or consult with you over the phone) in order to determine your relocation costs. He will want to see your large items along with a box estimate, and find out about how easy or difficult it will be to move into your destination location. All of these factors will be included in your estimate, but please remember that this is just an estimate (unless you are moving out of state). The crew will keep track of their hours worked and you will be charged ONLY for the time they actually worked. Sounds good?

About Pat

On a daily basis, Pat can be found doing FREE in-home estimates, managing our crew, scheduling moves, and ensuring that our clients’ moves are on track and running smoothly. You can email him at

Need Storage?

Not ready to move in to your new place? We have options for you. If it’s just an overnight delay, you can pay extra to keep your belonging in the locked truck for the night. If it is long, you can store your belonging in our heated warehouse where Mark Wildes will keep a good watch on it.

About Mark

Mark’s day consists of managing our Fine Furniture Division, keeping our warehouse organized, planning delivery routes for his team, and ensuring that our customers are getting the highest level of White Glove Delivery Service. You can email him at

Tasha Jackson, Office Manager

Estimator and Operations Manager, Pat Turner

Mark Wildes, Warehouse and Delivery Manager