Assuredprotected against discontinuance or change.

Interstate and Cross Country Moves

Are you moving to another state? We can help you with our Assured Long Distance Moving service!

Our 10-Point Assured Long Distance Moving Service

We know how stressful moving can be, especially when you are moving to a new location far from your origin. That’s why we work hard at helping you make moving easy. Using our 10-point Assured Long Distance Moving Service helps protect you from discontinuances and changes that some long-distance movers cannot offer, especially the large van lines. Being a local independent mover allows us to control the entire moving journey, not passing it off to middlemen along the way.

Using a local independent moving company also allows you to easily lock down guaranteed pick up and delivery dates, not like a large van line who often offers a 2-week window.

Our 10-point Assured Long Distance Moving Service:

1 – FREE in-home estimate. Our Estimator will come to you home to assess the work needed to move you out of your origin and to your destination. He will also discuss packing options and moving supplies needed.
2 – Flat-Rate Estimate. Our estimate will provide (via email) a flat-rate estimate for you to review. After consideration and any additional clarification/discussion between you and the estimator, you can sign the estimate online and your moving date will be booked. No deposit needed and no surprise costs!
3 – Personal Moving Coordination. Our Estimator will work with our Operations Manager, Office Staff, and Moving Crew to assure that your move will go as planned.
4 – Friendly and Responsive Moving Staff. You will be able to reach our staff directly by phone, email, or text.
5 – Direct communication with Moving Crew. On your moving day, you will be able to reach the crew directly by phone or text.
6 – Free valuation insurance. Per Federal Regulations, we offer released-value protection at 60 cents per pound.
7 – Additional insurance available. We also offer full-value protection insurance. Talk to your estimator for more details.
8 – Guaranteed moving dates. You determine your origin moving date and we’ll hit the road to make sure to meet you when you are ready to move in. Need storage between moves? No problem. We can safely store your items until you are ready to move in.
9 – Experienced Moving Crew with no middlemen. Your driver will be one of our best employees, and often the Crew Leader of your entire move.
10 – New state-of-the-art “air ride” trucks. Have you seen our trucks on the road? Our trucks are one of our greatest assets and we pride ourselves on have the newest and best quality vehicles for the job. Having an “air ride” suspension system prevents your valuables from unnecessary roughness on the road.

Call us today at 207-233-5545 or fill out the form for a free estimate and let us discuss all the details that go into moving you across the states.