10 Moving Hacks Using Household Plastic Wrap

You know that plastic CLING that often frustrates you when you are trying to wrap leftovers? Why not put it to good use when you are packing up your house and moving to your new home? Here are 10 moving hack ideas you can use:

Wrap your silverware together in bunches.

You know how to do this. Forks in one bunch, spoons in another, and don’t forget about the knives. How about using your kitchen towels to wrap around your sharpest cooking knives, secured by a sheet of cling wrap?

Wrap clothes together on hangers

All you really need to do is to tie all the hanger handles together with the cling wrap so the movers can grab and easily place in wardrobe boxes.

Wrap office supplies together.

Gather pencils and pens in a bundle and wrap. Don’t forget about the stapler and scissors, which can be bundled together, too.

Wrap framed photos together to protect glass.

Glass picture frames are easy to break, but wrapping them with cling wrap with a sheet of paper towel over the glass can help buffer the banging movements during your house move.

Wrap your jewelry displays.

How easy would it be to move into your new home and just unwrap and place your jewels in their new spot? Easy peasy!

Wrap your cords and tape to your appliance.

One of the worst things about moving is losing your chord to your favorite TV or stereo. Keep everything together by wrapping the corresponding chord in a bundle and using your packing tape to secure it to your appliance.

Wrap your bath toiletries.

Save yourself from spills and leaks by wrapping your pump soap, shampoo, and conditioner in a piece of cling wrap.

Wrap your wet kitchen sponges and scrubbers.

After you are done cleaning your house for the new owners, protect your items from getting soggy by wrapping your wet items in some cling wrap.

Wrap up your small rugs.

It’s easy to keep rugs rolled tightly and conserve truck space by wrapping them in the middle, or on each end.

Wrap your lawn and garage tools together.

It will make your trips to and from the truck shorter.

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