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POSITIONS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: Driver, Crew Team Leader, Crew Member


Integrity Movers is accepting resumes for Driver and Mover Combo Jobs.
The ideal candidate would:
* Be able to drive a CDL/B or non CDL 26′ box truck
* Have experience in the moving industry
* Be able to load and pack trucks with precision and good technique
* Be trained in proper packing, padding, and lifting techniques
* Have exceptional leadership skills (for Crew Leadership potential)
* Know how to motivate, support, and train crew members (for Crew Leadership potential)
* Have a positive attitude and professional manner
* Be in good health and be a good role model
* Be a follower, as well as a leader
Work Skills: Dependable, responsible and able to work at a consistent pace. Must be a team player with a solid work ethic, always on time and committed to maintaining a consistent work attendance. Non-tobacco users preferred.
Compensation: We pay a generous commission on each job. We do require new hires to undergo a thorough background check. We look forward to hearing from you.
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