Martha Stewart’s Tips For Simplifying The Big Move

Martha Stewart is the queen of domestic perfection, and her crafty tips and tricks for your upcoming move will make your life a LOT easier. Here are a few of our favorite of her ideas on simplifying the big move:

1. Color code your boxes

Red for the living room, blue for the dining room, green for the kitchen…you get the idea. By assigning each room a color, unloading and unpacking boxes will be a lot easier. Unpacking a box of shampoos, soaps, and towels while you’re looking for plates and cups could be a little frustrating to say the least. On moving day, it’s easy for your movers and your family and friends to put everything in its right place.

2. Hire cleaners

Having your new place scrubbed and sanitized before you move in and having your old place cleaned behind you is an invaluable piece of a mind and a huge weight off your shoulders. Cleaning is tiring, back-breaking and tedious work–and on moving day you will have much, much more to worry about. A cleaning company can focus on the little details like wiping down all cabinet shelves, cleaning floors, walls, baseboards and windows, and sanitizing toilets and tubs. Integrity Movers offers cleaning services in addition to packing and moving, so be and sure and ask for a quote including that service.

3. Create a last-out, first-in box

All of the items you will use the morning of moving day and need to take with you should be placed in a box at the last minute before you move out. Then, it should be the first box you open and unpack in your new place. Contents of this box could include bedding, towels, shower curtain liner, toiletries, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, medication, trash bags, and dishes. These will be the things you need as soon as you arrive at your new place, or at least the first night. The last-out, first-in box lets you keep track of everything you need to get your hands on right away.

4. Add handles to your boxes

By using a box cutter and making a “V” cut on each end of a box, you can create instant handles–just fold the sliced cardboard inwards, grip, and lift! Most boxes don’t have handles, and it makes lifting and carrying a LOT easier.

*For more ideas, check out Martha’s website and the original article, from Martha Stewart Living, April 2008.