Matt Guggenheim – Piano Tuner Extraordinaire

Life is about the little things–a good friend, a nice bottle of wine, and beautiful music. Piano music, that is–perfectly tuned piano music. That’s where Matt Guggenheim comes in.

Matt Guggenheim discovered his passion for pianos when his father bought a Wurlitzer because of its beautiful case. Matt, who had a love of music and a “good ear”, found a wrench in the garage and tried to fix the beautiful instrument. His father nourished his budding interest by buying Matt his first tuning wrench. After grueling apprenticeships in New York and Boston, Matt’s training was formalized and he began a career in piano tuning, relying solely on his ear. Today, over twenty years later, he also uses something called a cyber tuner, which tunes octaves, unisons, and overtones.

Matt tunes a piano to match the musician’s unique style. He says, “What I love is to read a piano, know what it can be, and try to achieve that at a reasonable price. It’s exciting to watch one come alive.” Matt also repairs and rebuilds pianos at his shop in Scarborough, Maine. Contact Matt for more information about your piano, or to schedule him to visit your home and analyze your instrument. And remember our professionally trained movers are experienced in piano relocation.

Check out this review by Bill C., one of our clients: “Thanks for being so prompt, professional, and flexible when you recently moved the piano that my church was willing to give my family. You and your crew got it done with no issues. Great job!” Contact Integrity Movers today to schedule an estimate for your piano move.