Thinking About Moving South For The Winter

palm trees and blue skies

Enviable Maine “snowbirds” pack up and are moving south for the winter. So how about it? Have you ever thought about saying “so long” to Maine for the harsh winter months?

Integrity Movers has moved from Maine to Florida and back many times, and while migrating back and forth each season takes some time, we have some tips for packing and moving so you’ll be well-prepared for your snowbird lifestyle.

Packing up your summer home

When you close your house in Maine to head south, there are several important things to take care of before you move.

  • Bring all important documents and forms of ID. Remember to bring anything important you should have when you travel, including passports, driver’s licenses, other photo IDs, and even written prescriptions from your doctor.
  • Invest in storage. Since you’ll only be living in each home for roughly six months at a time, it’s usually a good idea to keep your belongings safe and secure while you’re gone, especially if you are renting one of your homes furnished. Integrity Movers offers heated storage services for whatever you need to tuck safely away.
  • Lock and secure your summer house and shut off all utilities. In your absence, it’s good practice to shut off your water to winterize your home so pipes won’t freeze and burst. Turn down your thermostat to around 55 degrees and keep your house at a comfortable yet cost-efficient temperature while you’re gone.
  • Entrust a close friend, family member or neighbor to check on the house while you’re gone. You should have a close friend or family member periodically check on the house while you’re gone to make sure that everything is OK, and let you know if anything is wrong. Leave them a key to the house and any security codes that are necessary to get in, and also provide them with your contact information so they can reach you.
  • Forward your mail. It’s free, it can be done online, and you can pick the exact dates you want your mail forwarded to your new, sunny address. It usually takes about 10 business days so make sure you take care of this plenty early.

Preparing for your winter home

Once you have everything squared away with your summer home up north in Maine, here are a few important things you should take care of before that final move down south:

  • Pack all the clothes you’ll need for the next six months. Sure, you’re going down south for the winter to escape the cold weather, but that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter a chilly night or two wherever you end up. Pack a few pieces of heavier clothing and a jacket just in case, and also remember to bring all of the outfits you’ll need while you’re down there, including both formal and recreational.
  • Check to see if you’ll need to register for a driver’s license in the state you’ll be moving to. Some states will require you to register for a driver’s license if you’ll be living there for longer than a month. So if you’re planning on staying down there for the winter, or even longer, you should contact the local DMV and inquire about the laws regarding driver’s licenses.
  • Book your moving company well in advance. Integrity Movers offers a free estimate so that you will know exactly how much it will cost to relocate your belongings to your home down south. Our expert estimator will come to your home–at no charge–and take a look at everything you are planning to relocate. We’ll provide you with a guaranteed estimate; the final price will never be more, no matter what traffic or issues arrive on the trip south.


Integrity Movers makes moving easy–all the way to Florida and back–so the winter months come, take flight with the other snowbirds give us a call today – we’ll help you each step of the way!