Moving Companies in Brunswick

Moving Companies in Brunswick

Moving is hard work.
There is your new place, your old place, down payments and deposits,
to do lists, and utilities, your valuables and your closets.
What you need is help, and Integrity Movers is here to serve,
with a smile and a friendly hand, you’ll get what you deserve.
We’ll pack for you, we’ll lift for you, we’ll move for you, and clean for you.
Our crew will show you how completely Integrity Movers makes moving easy.
Don’t delay, we fill up fast, we’d hate to see you end up last.
So call us today for a free estimate because you deserve a day of restfulness.

Local Maine moving company, Integrity Movers, wants to help you make your move easier. If you are looking for the best local mover in Brunswick, Maine then Integrity Movers is the right choice for you!

Established in 2012, owner Jim Frati designed the company to focus on Customer Service. While relocating your family or office to Brunswick, Maine, Jim and his crew want YOUR moving experience to be top notch and HIS company to be known as the Finest Local Moving Company in Brunswick, Maine.

Of course, being known as the Finest Local Movers in Brunswick, Maine has to be earned. Jim has worked hard to put the foundation in place to meet your needs.


When in Brunswick, take in one of the shows at the Maine State Music Theater. Beginning in 1959 with “The Song of Norway”, the Maine State Music Theater has been delighting audiences for over 50 years. The MSMT is solidly rooted in art and the community, and is committed to bringing excellent musical theater to midcoast Maine throughout the summer. Tickets are available in person at the box office at 22 Elm Street, or by phone at 207-725-8769.

When in Brunswick, you cannot miss Gelato Fiasco. Joshua Davis and Bruno Tropeano, two guys right out of college, felt that something was amiss. People in Maine created some of the best of everything in the world – higher educationshipstelevision doctorswinter boots. But the gelato of which they dreamt could not be found in Maine, or elsewhere in the United States. So in 2007, they opened the doors to Gelato Fiasco. Flavors are made daily from an always-growing collection of more than 1,500 house recipes.


The process of moving to Brunswick, Maine can be quite stressful, so why not turn to a local moving and storage company for help? At Integrity Movers, our team of experienced professionals can assist with a variety of tasks including packing, lifting, moving, unpacking, cleaning, and storage. Call us at 207-233-5545 for a free estimate.

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