Creative Ideas for Packing and Organizing Boxes


In the months leading up to your move, all of the packing, organizing, and preparing can be overwhelming, to say the least. Integrity Movers has compiled some of our favorite tips for organizing and packing your boxes so that you can stay sane throughout the moving process and so that your belongings are safe and secure during transit. Check out some great ideas from around the web, choose your favorites, and get packing!

Print your own labels

We love this idea for staying organized and for easy unpacking! Use your home printer to create labels that include your name, box contents, and room destination. Large labels like the ones pictured can be found at Target or Walmart and will help the movers know where everything goes–and save you tons of time during unpacking!


Color coding your labels will help you and the movers know exactly where each box belongs–at a glance! We love this idea for the ease of unloading from the truck. You can be worried about other things without having to direct the movers where to put every box.

Don’t forget the Ziploc bags!

Ziploc bags can serve many important purposes during your move. Use them to keep jewelry from getting tangled or lost. Place all spray bottle cleaners and toiletries in gallon-sized Ziplocs to prevent spills during transit. When disassembling a table or bedframe, use Ziploc bags to hold all screws, nuts, bolts, and allen wrenches, label the bag with its contents, and place the bags in a tool box or other safe place to give to movers for reassembling furniture at your new home.

Wardrobe boxes are worth the money

Taking dozens of clothes off hangers, folding them, boxing them, and they rehanging them all after you’ve moved is a tedious process that can be avoided. Wardrobe boxes are around $40.00 each, but well-worth the price for the time and hassle they will save, keeping your clothes in good condition during a move. Wardrobe and other specialty boxes can be purchased through Integrity Movers, at supply stores like Staples, or ordered online.

Power of the paper

Wrap all fragile kitchen glass, small framed photos, and other breakables in newspaper before boxing. Bubble wrap can also be used, but we like newspaper because it is cheap (free, in many cases) and recyclable! Make sure to wrap wine glasses the most securely, with paper around the stems and inside the glass itself. Also, make sure to call Integrity Movers for help packing, cleaning, or unpacking to make sure your items are packed safely and securely. Ask our estimator for prices that include these extra services.