Preparing to move

Portland Maine Movers | Maine Movers | Integrity Movers | Preparing For The Big MoveTwo weeks prior to the big move it is a good time to call your Utility Services and arrange for them to be cancelled or be transferred. Gather up all your bills and put them in a file that you can bring with you on moving day in case there are any problems. Don’t forget:

  • Electric
  • Gas/Oil/Propane
  • Water/Sewer
  • Phone (landline)
  • Cable
  • Internet
  • Trash Pickup

Make sure you give them your new billing address, too, and confirm that they will perform a final reading on the day of your move.

Wrap and pad your furniture

Protecting your furniture from nicks and scratches during the moving process is one of the most important steps in any move. To prevent surface damage to your larger items, our movers will wrap your furniture and pad the items inside the truck. Furniture wrapping will also prevent items from sliding around during transit.

Before loading furniture items onto the moving truck, our movers will wrap them in furniture blankets or 3-ply industrial cardboard wrap. Some items (especially upholstered pieces) could also be wrapped in plastic shrink-wrap; we’ll decide the best way to protect your items before loading them onto the truck.

The most important step to protecting your furniture is to work with the right moving company. Integrity Movers are experts at packing and protecting even the most fragile and delicate or heavy and bulky furniture items, including pianos. Check out some of our glowing reviews, and give us a call for a free quote to see how we can help you start planning for you upcoming move.

Pack Your Clothes In Suitcases

Preparing For The Big MoveYou can save a lot of money (and be more environmentally friendly) by packing your clothes and shoes in bags you already have, instead of buying new moving boxes.

Look around your house for suitcases, duffle bags, sturdy grocery bags, plastic bins, large plastic shopping bags, and even extra-strength trash bags.




Unplug Your Refrigerator and Freezer


Moving Tips | Portland Maine Movers | Maine Movers | Integrity Movers | Preparing For The Big Move

If you are moving your refrigerator or freezer to your new site, you will need to remember to unplug it the night before the move. Also, if you have it connected to a water supply for ice or chilled water, please disconnect before the move.

Here’s some more guidelines when moving a refrigerator: