Moving Tips

Moving Tips

  • priority package

    Open Me First

    When packing to move, don’t forget to set aside essential items for your “Open Me First” box. These items might include: A roll of toilet paper Paper towels A trash… more>>

  • Baggage set in green and acid colours

    Pack Your Clothes In Suitcases

    You can save a lot of money (and be more environmentally friendly) by packing your clothes and shoes in bags you already have, instead of buying new moving boxes. Look… more>>

  • Inspection Report and Keys

    Home Inspection 101

      Buying a home could be the largest single investment you will ever make. To minimize unpleasant surprises and unexpected difficulties, you’ll want to learn as much as you can… more>>

  • Photo courtesy of Sadeugra

    Donate, Donate, Donate!

    As you prepare for your big move and begin packing your things, you will undoubtably find that there are many items you do not want to bring to your new… more>>

  • Pets and Moving: Helping Them Adjust

      When it comes to our pets we Americans consider them to be an important part of our families. According to the American Humane Association over half of the households in the… more>>

  • Woodfarms Family Services

    As a family-owned and operated business in Portland, Maine, we see value in giving back to the community. Small business owners have the advantage of being able to work together… more>>

  • Moving To Canada: 3 Things You Should Know

    Moving can be a stressful experience. There’s so much you have to keep track of and remember in the midst of uprooting your life from one place to another. While… more>>

  • Top 5 Moving Mistakes: A Testimonial

    Special contribution from Allison Crouch. When my husband and I decided to relocate from Savannah, GA to Portland, ME we knew it was not going to be easy. We were… more>>

  • Matt Guggenheim – Piano Tuner Extraordinaire

    Life is about the little things–a good friend, a nice bottle of wine, and beautiful music. Piano music, that is–perfectly tuned piano music. That’s where Matt Guggenheim comes in. Matt Guggenheim discovered… more>>

  • Tipping Your Movers

    At Integrity Movers, we are grateful that you put all your faith in us as your chosen moving company in Portland. You are entrusting all your possessions, prized and otherwise, to… more>>

  • Flat Rate Long Distance Movers

    Want a stress-free move but not really sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Integrity Movers is the flat rate moving helper you’ve always dreamed of. We… more>>

  • Quality Moving Box and Container Provider

    Ugh-moving! A task few enjoy and most detest. Fortunately for you, we are some of the few who actually don’t mind packing and moving… in fact, we love it! So… more>>

  • Be Your Own Interior Designer

    Moving to a new home or office can a great opportunity to create your dream space. Taking time to discover your style can be fun. We love getting inspiration for… more>>

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