Moving Companies in South Portland

Moving Companies in South Portland

Moving is hard work.
There is your new place, your old place, down payments and deposits,
to do lists, and utilities, your valuables and your closets.
What you need is help, and Integrity Movers is here to serve,
with a smile and a friendly hand, you’ll get what you deserve.
We’ll pack for you, we’ll lift for you, we’ll move for you, and clean for you.
Our crew will show you how completely Integrity Movers makes moving easy.
Don’t delay, we fill up fast, we’d hate to see you end up last.
So call us today for a free estimate because you deserve a day of restfulness.

Local Maine moving company, Integrity Movers, wants to help you make your move easier. If you are looking for the best local mover in South Portland, Maine then Integrity Movers is the right choice for you!

Established in 2012, owner Jim Frati designed the company to focus on Customer Service. While relocating your family or office to South Portland, Maine, Jim and his crew want YOUR moving experience to be top notch and HIS company to be known as the Finest Local Moving Company in South Portland, Maine.

Of course, being known as the Finest Local Movers in South Portland, Maine has to be earned. Jim has worked hard to put the foundation in place to meet your needs.


There’s a reason why the Portland Press Herald gave Ruby Thailand in South Portland a coveted 5-star rating: The food is superb! We think their Tom Kha soup (coconut mushroom soup) and Pad Thai are the best in New England. We also love their Mango Curry, which is the dish that earned them the 5 stars. Don’t be surprised if you see Jim and Kathleen at one of the tables, as they tend to stop in every few days for a quick bite.

Little Bigs has already earned the #3 spot on TripAdvisor-after only being open less than two years! Why? Little Bigs is home to the best donuts on the planet. Chef/owners Pamela and James are whipping up everything from maple bacon crullers to Indian Samosa hand-pies (and are also former Integrity Movers clients!). Everything we’ve tried has been absolutely delicious.

Did you know there are 3 lighthouses in South Portland? Our favorite is the Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse near Southern Maine Community College’s campus. It’s beautiful and scenic, and you can walk out across the jetty to the base of the lighthouse. Parking can be tricky, but the iconic views of Maine’s rocky coastline are worth it.



The process of moving to South Portland, Maine can be quite stressful, so why not turn to a local moving and storage company for help? At Integrity Movers, our team of experienced professionals can assist with a variety of tasks including packing, lifting, moving, unpacking, cleaning, and storage. Call us at 207-233-5545 for a free estimate.

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