Moving And Kids: Tips To Help The Family Adjust

Moving And Kids: Tips To Help The Family Adjust

Happy family moving houseOur goal at Integrity Movers is to make your move as stress free as possible. However, most people would agree that moving to a new home and neighborhood is among the most stressful events in life. And if the planning, packing, and finding a new home is combined with starting a new job it can seem pretty overwhelming. As adults we have to manage the situation and deal with the stress. But what about your kids? Depending on your children’s ages a move can be just as stressful for them. The kids will pick up on your stress level and be affected by the changes in their world as well. We found some expert tips to help you and your family adjust to the move.

Talk, talk, talk
Within a family the event of moving is often announced once then not really discussed again. As the move gets closer we become busy and distracted with the details of the to-do list. Be sure to take time to discuss the move on more than one occasion with your children. And listening is equally as important as talking. Your kids will have questions, concerns and fears that you will need to address. Check out this helpful article at for more tips on kids and moving.

Get them involved
One of the stressors your kids may be experiencing is fear of the unknown. It’s best to get them involved with looking at new homes if they are old enough or at least visiting your new home before your move. Giving them a chance to see the neighborhood and their new room will make the move a bit easier. You may also consider getting them involved in local youth groups, like scouting, soon after the move to help them connect with new friends as soon as possible.

Be realistic
In an effort to make the move to a new neighborhood more desirable many parents make the mistake of “over selling” or setting high expectations for their kids. Be careful not to build it up so much that your kids end up disappointed or feeling let down when they arrive. Be honest about both the exciting and challenging aspects of the move for everyone in your family.

One of the best resources we found is at by the NYU Langone Medical Center in their article that addresses families and moving. This article offers some practical advice for dealing with your children at any age and their emotional response to moving.

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